What is the Registration Platform?

The Registration Platform for the Incorporation of Researchers is a tool to facilitate the association between Peruvian or foreign researchers, who are not Peruvian residents or have recently returned to Peru, and Peruvian entities that are interested in developing R&D activities in order to create, strengthen, and consolidate lines of research that respond to the needs of the Peruvian regions.

Researchers interested in participating in the “Incorporation of Researchers” Call and/or “Integral Projects” Call are welcomed to register in the “Researchers” section, while Peruvian entities are invited to register in the “Entities” section.

Researchers and entities registered in the platform will have access to its search engine, where they can:

- Search for researchers who are interested in working with Peruvian entities. The search will be performed by categories, such as the researcher’s name, the researcher’s role, lines of research, and keywords.

- Search for entities interested in attracting researchers. The search will be performed by categories, such as the entity name, lines of research, and keywords.

- Identify the research demand by entities that propose a topic for scientific research or technological development.

- Visualize the information sheet with the researcher or entity profile.

- Contact the researcher or the entity (through the registered Contact person) to set up the research teams.

- Receive assistance to promote the association between researchers and entities that have an affinity between their lines of research.

Once the research teams are formed, Peruvian entities will present their proposals for the “Incorporation of Researchers” Call and/or “Integral Projects” Call. The specifications for both calls will be available soon at FONDECYT website.